Core Values


We will openly share non-sensitive information with our customers, suppliers, management members and associates. We will be receptive of information and reflect upon it before acting. We will strive to be honest in all endeavors. We will endeavor to communicate using all available methods. We will admit to making mistakes, and will learn from them.



We will develop mutual respect by accepting each person as an individual. We will be non-judgmental, using facts, not emotions, to make decisions. We will show respect by taking time to listen to associates. We will empathize with difficult situations. We will practice consistency and fairness.



We will act with confidence, adhering to policies and procedures. We will follow through with what we say we will do. We will accept accountability for all of our actions. We will act objectively in all actions, using facts not emotions. We will be consistent in our actions and in our application of policies. We will be self-disciplined in decision-making. Our actions and decisions will adhere to our core values. We will always consider the needs of our associates, customers, community and shareholders in our decision making. We will accept responsibility



We will recognize our associates for their accomplishments. We will create an environment that encourages associates to make decisions and take responsibility. We will approach all things with enthusiasm, and with a positive attitude. We will practice brainstorming and critical thinking. We will always be optimistic and look for opportunities. We will enable our associates to contribute their knowledge, ideas, skills and abilities for personal growth and the improvement of the company.